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Mid American District

2009 and 2010 Birth Year Players Invited to the Development Tryouts are posted on the Development Pages.

USA Hockey Congress Approves Requirement For Neck Laceration Protection Starting August 1, 2024


USA Hockey Congress Approves Requirement For Neck Laceration Protection Starting August 1, 2024
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The USA Hockey Congress today approved legislation requiring the use of neck laceration protection for players in all age classifications, other than adults, in games and practices, as well as for on-ice officials under the age of 18, effective August 1, 2024.

USA Hockey has long recommended the use of neck laceration protection, as well as cut-resistant socks, sleeves or undergarments. The USA Hockey Board of Directors asked the organization's Safety and Protective Equipment Committee in November 2023 to begin the process of recommending potential rule changes related to neck laceration protection.

"Safety is always at the forefront of our conversations and the action of our Congress today reflected that," said Mike Trimboli, president of USA Hockey. "We appreciate the significant work done by our Safety and Protective Equipment Committee, led by Dr. Mike Stuart, and the many others who were instrumental in the overall evaluation process."

"I know throughout our organization, the overwhelming opinion was that the time is appropriate to modify our rules related to neck laceration protection," said Pat Kelleher, executive director of USA Hockey. "We're also encouraged that the hockey industry is committed to continuing to work to improve the cut resistant products that protect players to help influence the safest possible landscape for the game."

The legislation passed yesterday also strongly recommends use of neck laceration protection by adult players.


MidAm Tryout Selection Process at all Birth Years


Below is an outline of the tryout process for Spring 2024.  Please note that nominating a player does not mean they will receive an invitation to the tryout.  Invitations are based upon the ranking of the team  on which the player plays, higher ranked teams receive more allocations than lower ranked teams.  Spots are also determined by position as we need fewer defensemen than forwards as well as fewer goaltenders than defensemen.   To permit greater on ice evlauation time, you will see that we are capping the number of teams being formed in each respective age group.

Beginning with the 2024 MidAm Select Camp Tryout season we will be initiating changes for all birth years of boy’s tryout groups.  These changes are being made to create a better tryout experience for players being selected to advance directly to the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.

By January 15, 2024 Tier I, Tier II and HS coaches in the MidAm District will nominate players from their team to be considered for the MidAm Select Camp who they feel are National caliber players.

On or about January 31 a subcommittee of Tier I coaches and MidAm District staff will conduct a conference call to review all players nominated and to finalize the invite list for the tryouts held in Sylvania, OH April 26 -28, 2024 (14s & 15s) and May 10 -12, 2024 (16s & 17s).  The subcommittee will make final nominations based on the following: information provided by the player’s head coach or program director, regular season performance with their local team and performance in prior MidAm Select Camps. Invitations will be sent no later than February 15.  Players who have attended the previous year’s 15 & 16 National Player Development Camps will automatically receive an invitation to participate.

16- & 17-year-old players: the tryout will consist of up to six (6) teams participating in three (3) rounds of games, both small-area and full-ice, along with a goaltender evaluation session on Friday afternoon prior to the start of the tryouts.  Following the Saturday afternoon games two teams of players (the number of players per team to be determined by the evaluators) will play in a final game on Sunday to select the players to represent the MidAm District at the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.

14- & 15-year-old players: the tryout will consist of up to eight (8) teams participating in four rounds of games, both small-area and full-ice, along with a goaltender evaluation session on Friday afternoon prior to the start of the tryouts.  Players will be ranked each session, and the results will be a part of the process of determining the (up to) 71 players that will be invited to the 15 Tryout Camp to be held at Trine University June 9 – 14, 2024 and the 14 In-District camp held in Sylvania June 16 – 20, 2024.

Should you have any questions not covered by this memo, please send an email to Lori,
and allow 48 hours for response.

Hi all,

The GDC applications are now open. Please apply and/or share with people who you think would be good for the different roles. You are welcome to apply to multiple roles. Applications will close on 12/15 and all applicants will be notified on next steps by 1/8/24.

​pdf icon GDC Job Description

GDC Application

Steve Thompson
Goaltending Development Manager


Memo from USA Hockey National Office


2023-24 USA Hockey Pilot Programs- TIER I ONLY

NEW Spectator Behavior Policy

NEW Locker Room Monitor Policy


Just a reminder for long standing volunteers and a note to new administrators that screening is done only through the national vendor (NCSI) and is good for two (2) seasons/years. Because the vendor is at the mercy of the local clerks availability to check records, there can be delays that are out of their hands. Therefore, we encourage everyone who will need to screen for the upcoming season to do so in the next couple weeks before the rush begins. Particularly with Pennsylvania coaches/volunteers, the time for screening takes slightly longer.

In addition, Pennsylvania residents must upload copies of their Pennsylvania required documents. Screening cannot be completed without them. Residents of all other jurisdictions, need to upload a copy of the front and back of their license.

Safe Sport Courses /US Center for Safe Sport Each 18 and older participant (volunteer, coach, player) must ANNUALLY take either the Safe Sport Mandatory training or Safesport Refresher Training. The training and refresher training can be started, placed on hold and you can return to complete should you have smaller segments of time available.

From the national office through to the local association, we are responsible for identifying a person who can focus on DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) within our various programs. Get to know the people in your program and make them all feel