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Mid American District

Tier I & II State/District Tournament Application (Team Declaration)


2022-23 Tier I / Tier II Youth and Girls District and State Championships Declaration Form.  Please distribute to all Youth and Girls Tier I and Tier II teams.  Complete one form per team.  Also instruct them to complete the form on their computer but typing information into the blank fields.  There is a field for the team’s roster link.  Please instruct them to copy and paste the public roster link into that field.  Once the form is completed, have them save the form as their team name such as Ohio Blue Jackets Tier I 14U or something similar and then email the completed form to Lori and also print and mail the completed form with appropriate check(s) to Lori.  This way Lori gets the roster link which she can copy and paste into her spread sheet of teams.  Also make sure they understand the form must be signed, either electronically or with a written signature.


Mid-American Required Documents

Below are the required 2022-23 documents that will need to be completed and retuned to Lori Billings at
In order to receive your approved rosters the documents must be turned in.    If you have any questions regarding the documents please contact Lori.

Please note, if you are a 2005 birth year or earlier, you will be required to take the SafeSport Core Training or Refresher Course prior to participation for the 2022-23 season.

The Safe Sport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for twelve (12) months beginning on 4/1/22.

Safe Sport Locker Room Rules

SafeSport expectations are in place to protect our children and keep them safe at all times while playing hockey at home and away.

It is the responsibility of each program’s coaches to monitor locker rooms at home and away. The following rules should be followed:

  • Coaches are to be in the locker room when players are, and should be monitoring player behavior, dressing, and parents helping players
  • No one should be alone in the locker room at any time. This includes coaches, parents, players and siblings
  • Parents and volunteers should not be helping children with dressing, toileting or any other direct hands-on assistance unless it is their own child. The only exception is if the parent or volunteer has been successfully screened through MidAm’s screening agency

Safe Sport Program Handbook  pg19


Coaching Clinic Registration

  • Coaching clinics will be posted after September 1, 2022. The dates of when future clinics will be posted can be found below in the listed release date chart.
  • Coaches have until December 31 each season to complete their coaching clinic requirement. 
  • Most clinics will be virtual (online) clinics.
  • You can attend any clinic, hosted by an District/Affiliate across the country. 
  • Clinics are first come, first serve, and are not guaranteed to have seats available if the class roster is at full capacity. 
  • There will be a variety of available clinic dates and times which will fit to every coach's schedule. 
  • Don't forget that you need your USA Hockey confirmation number for the current season to register for a coaching clinic. If you do not have your confirmation number, click here to be redirected to register or request a duplicate copy of your confirmation number.
  • Click here to look up your certification if you're unsure about which Level coach clinic you need to complete.
  • You will not be allowed to register for a clinic that you are not qualified to attend.

Expired Certificatioin

Coaches with any expired certification will retain their previous certification levels provided the certification can be verified.

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