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USA Hockey

Friday, March 20, 2020
USA Hockey Revises 2020 Player Development Plans

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado –  USA Hockey announced today the revision of its national player development plans for 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as detailed below.

  • USA Hockey has canceled the 2020 Boys Select 15 National Camp (2005 birth year)
  • USA Hockey has canceled the 2020 Girls 15 National Camp (2005 birth year)
  • USA Hockey has canceled the 2020 Girls 16/17 National Camp (2003/2004 birth years)
  • USA Hockey will tentatively conduct the Boys Select 16 (2004 birth year) and 17 (2003 birth year) National Camps and the Girls Under-18 Select National Camp (2003, 2004, 2005 birth years)
    • The Boys Select 17 National Camp is tentatively set for June 24 – July 1, 2020 in Amherst, New York. The U.S. Under-18 Men’s Select Team will be selected from the camp set to compete in the 2020 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, in August. Player invitations for this camp will be extended by June 1.
    • The Boys Select 16 National Camp is tentatively set for July 7-13, 2020, in Amherst, New York. The U.S. Under-17 Men’s Select Team will be selected from the camp set to compete in the 2020 Five Nations Tournament, in August. Player invitations for this camp will be extended by June 8.
    • The Girls Under-18 Select National Camp is tentatively set for July 15-21, 2020, in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Approximately 30 players will be selected from this camp to participate in the 2020 Under-18 National Team Festival, in August. Player invitations for this camp will be extended by June 1.

In addition, USA Hockey strongly recommends the cancellation of all affiliate tryouts, district tryouts, district/multi-district development camps for all birth years for the spring and summer of 2020.

“Our number one priority is the safety of our players, officials, coaches, volunteers and families involved,” said Kevin McLaughlin, assistant executive director of hockey development for USA Hockey. “We estimate roughly 9,000 individuals or families are involved in these activities across the country and with the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation we all face and the logistics involved with these events, the leaders in our organization from across the country felt it was important to make a decision now that had best interests of everyone involved, with safety being at the forefront.”

McLaughlin noted that decision to tentatively hold the Boys Select 16 and 17 National Camps and Girls Under-18 Selection National Camp will continue to be reviewed daily and that invitations to those camps, if they are ultimately held, will come from USA Hockey’s national office, with input from USA Hockey coaches, scouts, district player development representatives and other hockey personnel.

USA Hockey will continue to post updates related to the coronavirus situation at

NOTES: In addition to the player development camps listed above, USA Hockey has canceled the National Team Development Program tryout camp.

USA Hockey Cancels National Championships, Disabled Festival

USA Hockey Cancels National Championships, Disabled Festival

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Hockey announced tonight it has canceled its series of upcoming National Championships, including high school, youth, girls, adult and sled, that were set to begin in various locations across the country on March 26. In addition, the organization also announced it has canceled its Disabled Hockey Festival, which was set to take place over two weekends (March 26-29 and April 2-5) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

“Safety of our participants has always been our top priority and with the current coronavirus situation, our executive committee unanimously decided to cancel these national events,” said Jim Smith, president of USA Hockey.

“We felt it was important to get the news of the cancellation out immediately,” said Pat Kelleher, executive director of USA Hockey. “We’re sure there will be many questions and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we together work through this unprecedented situation.

“While we're disappointed that we had to make this decision, we celebrate the success of USA Hockey teams across the country this year, as well as the time and effort so many people invested into these signature events. We’re thankful to our national sponsors, tournament directors, volunteers and so many others for their support in making hockey an enjoyable experience for all.”

USA Hockey will continue to provides updates regularly on the coronavirus situation at

NOTE: There are games/tournaments played throughout the U.S. at the local level that include USA Hockey members that are not national-level events and are operated by districts, affiliates, local associations or even private operators. The decisions relative to those events are made at the local level. We continue to encourage all involved to engage with local health and medical professionals, and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, in making educated decisions.

USA Hockey- Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Dear USA Hockey Members –

We continue to regularly monitor concerns associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to take a moment to provide an update as it relates to USA Hockey activities, including upcoming District and National tournaments at all levels.

Our top priority, as you know, is the safety of everyone involved with USA Hockey. We’re extremely fortunate to have Dr. Michael Stuart from the Mayo Clinic as our chief medical and safety officer, someone who brings vast experience, connectivity across the country and world, and an even hand in helping guide our organization on safety-related issues.

Dr. Stuart, who is also a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation Medical Committee, has shared the importance that everyone follow the guidelines below and regularly visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization websites for additional information:

  • Practice frequent and meticulous hand-washing with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and/or sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow
  • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Quarantine anyone who is sick (players, coaches, parents, roommates)
  • Ensure safe food sources; thoroughly cook meat and eggs
  • Handshake lines after games should include fist bumps with gloves on
  • Use individual water bottles; do not share them
  • Towels should not be shared in any way

While the coronavirus is without question a significant concern, as of today, all activities within USA Hockey will go on as planned. It is important to note, however, that the situation is fluid and we will provide updates as warranted. For the most up-to-date information, visit

It is worth noting that as of today, there are no directives from the CDC to avoid domestic travel, limit large groups or cancel sporting events.

Thank you for your diligence in following the guidelines above and continuing to stay engaged with this important topic.


Pat Kelleher
Executive Director
Jim Smith



October 30, 2019

Dear USA Hockey Board of Directors

We continue to receive reports of racial and other derogatory slurs and it is apparent that the current penalty in place is not enough of a deterrent.

As you’ll see in the letter linked here, which will go out to our entire membership today and also be made public via a news release, I am issuing a presidential directive that will now make any violation of Rule 601 (e. 3) a match penalty.

We will have further discussion around this topic at our upcoming Winter Meeting and this directive is just one step in a process that will also include additional education and an overall effort from all stakeholders in the game.

Again, thanks for your support and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback.


Yours in hockey,

Jim Smith

Committed to Hockey Excellence

Since 1994, the Mid American District Hockey, Inc. (MidAm), an affiliate of USA Hockey  has been the governing body and premier developer of youth and amateur hockey talent in Ohio, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. The District governs and supervises thousands of hockey teams, activities and events in each district.

Supporting the goals, mission and regulations of USA Hockey MidAm strives to develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of their physical and social well-being. In addition, MidAm helps build strong relationships between players, and the coaching and officiating communities.

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