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Development Camps Information

Registration for all ages will be updated within the next couple of weeks

14U & 15U Tryouts

2023 Tryouts
April 28 - April 30 at Sylvania Tam O'Shanter in Sylvania OH

16s & 17s Invitations will be sent out no earlier than the week of March 6.

16U & 17U Tryouts

2023 Tryout Dates

May 12 - 13  at Sylvania Tam O Shanter in Sylvania, OH.

MidAm Tryout Selection Process at 2006 & 2007 Birth Years

Beginning with the 2023 MidAm Select Camp Tryout season we will be initiating changes for the 16 & 17 boys tryout groups.  These changes are being made to create a better tryout experience for players being selected to advance directly to the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.

On January 31 Tier I, Tier II and HS coaches in the MidAm District will nominate players from their team to be considered for the MidAm Select Camp who they feel are National caliber players.

On or about January 31 a subcommittee of Tier I coaches will conduct a conference call to review all players nominated and to finalize the invite list for the tryouts held in Sylvania, OH May 12 – 14, 2023.  The subcommittee will make final nominations based on the following: information provided by their head coach or program director, regular season performance with their local team and performance in previous MidAm Select Camps. Invitations will be sent no later than February 10.  Players who attended the previous year’s 15 & 16 National Player Development Camps will automatically be invited to participate.

The tryout will consist of up to six teams participating in three rounds of games, both small-area and full-ice, along with a goaltender evaluation session on Saturday afternoon.  Following the games on Saturday afternoon, two teams of players (the number of players per team to be determined by the evaluators) will play in a final game on Sunday to select the players to represent the MidAm District at the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.



Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter

Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter
7060 W Sylvania Ave.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Notice Regarding 2023 Boys Tryouts

Hotel information is posted under each age group's tab.  You should make your reservations as soon as possible as the blocks of rooms are only guaranteed through April15th in most cases.

Invitations will be sent out in late January.  As we reach the limit per position per tryout, that segment will be shut down for registrations.

Finally, all of this tryout process is wrapped inside the National Tryouts and any changes on the status of those will trickle down to our district.


Tryout Process & Eligibility


The purpose of the tryouts is for each USA Hockey District to identify and advance their players to a National Development Camp.  These are not tryouts for the National Team Development Program based in Plymouth, MI.

MidAm Tryouts are conducted each spring allowing players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills before evaluators from around the district and the country.  We are fortunate to have evaluators who volunteer their time to assess and compare skaters, and to advance the players they believe have the requisite skill set to be successful at the National Player Development  Camp for their respective age group.  Players are evaluated in both skills sessions and  games; and are scored each session independently by each evaluator. Those scores are tabulated to provide a ranking which is used to determine which candidates will advance to the all-star game, if applicable, or to the other various tryouts conducted by both USA Hockey and the MidAm District.


Players must be citizens of the United States in order to participate.

There are no make up tryouts.  If a player cannot attend for all assigned sessions, he will be evaluated on his body of work for the sessions he was present.

Since USA Hockey requires each District to send only players who reside in a respective district, each district utilizes eligibility rules to determine who qualifies as a resident.

A player living with his parents or permanent legal guardian and whose address is within the MidAm District is an eligible player. 

A player who lives in the district with a billet family or is at a boarding school and whose parent has an address outside of the MidAm District IS NOT eligible to try out for the MidAm District.  For example, if a player is recruited from outside the district to play on a team inside the MidAm District, his tryout is to be directed back to the home district where his parents reside.


If a player from outside the MidAm District has a hardship which prohibits him/her from returning to their home district for tryouts, the process for trying out is as follows:

1. The player must contact the person in his/her home district to notify them that they cannot attend.

2. The player must be granted permission by his/her home district to have the tryout conducted outside of the district of residence and have the results communicated back to the home district.

3. The player is trying out for his/her home district and not for a spot allocated to the MidAm District.


If a player cannot attend the tryout, we will process a refund less $15.00 for the processing costs of the credit card transactions and software fees.