Midam Hockey

Tryout Rules for Teams

USA Hockey Try Out Rules 

Youth Council met 2/13/18 and reaffirmed the three below items:

1.  Consent to Treat forms need to be checked and present for State/District/Nationals this year.
This applies to Tier II and Tier I.  If you have any question, check with your local registrar.

2.  There were two appeals to hold try outs inconsistent with p. 134 of the Annual Guide

 Each appeal was handled separately and each was unanimously defeated.  There will be     notification  from the national office reminding all that try outs may NOT occur this year until 24 hours (modified from 48 hours due to quarter finals being added to the schedule) after the conclusion of the national championships.  The penalty is inability to participate in 2018-19 national championships.  (any questions, feel free to contact Kaye Pinkowski at Hckeemom@aol.com.

3.  The issue of  the appropriateness of 14U level checking remains on the agenda.  Full discussion did not occur, but studies are underway and Mayo Clinic data is being studied.