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Screening Process & Log In

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Persons to be screened: Every adult (person over 18) who access to participants under 18 years of age.

Frequency: When initially new (or never having been screened by the MidAm vendor) and every two (2) years thereafter (2 hockey seasons).

How: Use the appropriate link below (coach or referee); each applicant must complete the online application with NCSI.  Check to be sure that you have completed all segments as an incomplete application will NOT be processed to completion by the vendor.  Upon data entry, Pay Pal payment of $25.00 is made, a receipt is generated and sent to applicant via e-mail.  MidAm continues to pay all charges in excess of $25.00.

Results projected to be available in 7 – 10 days following data entry; access results through the same means as data entry. Upon successful screen, a personalized letter is generated with cut out segment which can be laminated and carried or duplicated and carried with the team book. I encourage you to make a couple copies of your letter so that you don’t have to remember how to go back online and obtain it many months later.

Any “hits” will be on hold until viewed and handled pursuant to our normal protocol.  If there is an issue that needs further explanation, you will receive an e-mail from me asking for the information so that the screening committee can complete its review.  Please do not overlook e-mails pertaining to screening.  The screening will not clear until the information is received.  “Hits” don’t mean an undesirable candidate, but do require resolution.


Currently all Pennsylvania residents MUST sign a separate form for BMV search which can be printed, signed and faxed or scanned to the vendor.  Such form will be on the application so if you are a Pennsylvania resident, be sure you have addressed the BMV form before signing off.  We are working with the vendor to eliminate this component but currently it is necessary to complete the application.  Fees for 2 of the 3 Pennsylvania checks have been eliminated for volunteers.  The FBI check (including finger printing) is still required and charges apply.  (Pennsylvania must be renewed every 60 months).


Be certain your volunteers are complying with Pennsylvania 153 and that their results are submitted to and maintained by your association.

All USA Hockey on-ice officials must also complete  screening with the MidAm vendor.   Prior to screening, you must first have your USA Hockey official’s number, as this is required in order to login to the site.   The results are maintained in the USA Hockey database and results are good for two hockey seasons (registration with USA Hockey must occur each year).