Midam Hockey

Tier I Results

MIDAM DISTRICT YOUTH BOYS TIER 1 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT SCHEDULEAll games at OBM Arena - 15381 Royalton Road Strongsville, OH 44136 except Game 25 and 29 will be at Gilmour Academy - 2045 SOM Center Road, Gates Mills, OH 44040   
Thursday March 7th5:00 PMOBM EASTCulverOhio Blue Jackets
5:50 PMOBM WESTEsmark StarsCleveland Barons
7:30 PMOBM EASTGilmourPitt Pens Elite
Friday, March 8th4:00 PMOBM WESTPitt Pens EliteCulver
6:00 PMOBM EASTCleveland BaronsGilmour
6:30 PMOBM WESTEsmark StarsOhio Blue Jackets
Saturday, March 9th4:00 PMOBM EASTCulverCleveland Barons
4:00 PMOBM WESTOhio Blue JacketsPitt Pens Elite
6:30 PMOBM EASTGilmourEsmark Stars
Sunday, March 10th12:30 PMOBM EASTSeed 1Seed 2
Friday, March 8th10:00 AMOBM WESTPitt Pens EliteCleveland Barons
12:00 PMOBM WESTOhio Blue JacketsPitt Iceman
12:00 PMOBM EASTEsmark StarsCulver
Saturday, March 9th10:00 AMOBM EASTCulverPitt Pens Elite
12:00 PMOBM WESTPitt IcemanEsmark Stars
12:00 PMOBM EASTOhio Blue JacketsCleveland Barons
6:30 PMOBM WESTPitt Pens ElitePitt Iceman
9:00 PMOBM EASTCleveland BaronsCulver
8:30 PMOBM WESTEsmark StarsOhio Bluejackets
Sunday, March 10th12:00 PMOBM WESTSeed 1Seed 2
Friday, March 8th8:00 AMOBM EASTPitt Pens EliteOhio Blue Jackets
8:00 AMOBM WESTSylvaniaEsmark Stars
10:00 AMOBM EASTIndy Jr FuelPitt Predators
8:30 PMOBM EASTPitt PredatorsPitt Pens Elite
4:30 PMGILMOUR/ Rink 2Esmark StarsIndy Jr Fuel
9:00 PMOBM WESTSylvaniaOhio Blue Jackets
Saturday, March 9th2:00 PMOBM WESTPitt Pens EliteEsmark Stars
2:00 PMOBM EASTOhio Blue JacketsPitt Predators
12:45 PMGILMOUR/ Rink 1Indy Jr FuelSylvania
Sunday, March 10th2:30 PMOBM WESTSeed 1Seed 2
Friday, March 8th2:00 PMOBM EASTPitt Pens ElitePitt Vengeance
2:00 PMOBM WESTOhio Blue JacketsCleveland Barons
4:00 PMOBM EASTPitt Pens BlackIndy Jr Fuel
Saturday, March 9th8:00 AMOBM EASTIndy Jr FuelPitt Pens Elite
8:00 AMOBM WESTCleveland BaronsPitt Pens Black
10:00 AMOBM WESTOhio Blue JacketsPitt Vengeance
Sunday, March 10th8:00 AMOBM EASTPitt Pens EliteCleveland Barons
8:00 AMOBM WESTPitt VengeanceIndy Jr Fuel
10:00 AMOBM WESTPitt Pens BlackOhio Blue Jackets
4:00 PMOBM EASTSeed 1Seed 2