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Tier I Rules for Youth and Girls Women (Final 1-15-17)


2017 Tier I Team Calculations- Youth and Girls


2011-2013 USA Hockey Playing Rules

At the 2011 USA Hockey Annual Meeting, the board of directors voted on 173 rule proposals. The board of USA Hockey passed 32 new playing rule changes that went into affect in the 2011-12 season for the youth. There were 18 new playing rule changes for the junior age groups. Two major changes that took affect:

  • Tag-Up Off Sides rule to the Bantam and older age groups
  • Elimination of body checking in the Peewee and younger groups

For more information on the 2011-2013 USA Hockey Playing Rules Changes, click on the links below.

For any further questions, please contact John Karolcik USA Hockey Director (USAH Rules Committee Member).

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