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Welcome to the Girls Women’s Home Page for the Mid American

Girls’ / Women’s hockey continues to grow nationwide. In the eight-and-under group nationwide, the Mid American District has experienced the greatest growth.

If you are interested in getting information on starting or enhancing your girls program, please do not hesitate to contact Lori Billings, MidAm Administrator at administrator@midamhockey.com.

Girls’ / Women’s Hockey News

Visit other sections of our site for updates on our girls select camps as well as other features for our female ice players. If you have articles about what is happening in your Girls’ or Women’s program, or special stories about your players, please send them to us. Photos of your teams and events are appreciated!


Tier II Girls Rule Changes:

On June 9, 2018, USA Hockey approved a proposal to allow 12U players to play up on a 14U team with the following conditions :


The play up rule for 12U to 14U. The rule that was passed for the 2017-18 season did not allow any 12U players to play up on a 14U nationally bound team. This rule now states that for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons for Girls 14U Tier II only, an Affiliate may permit up to 3 players that are 12 years of age for the current season (as defined in the Youth/Junior Age Classification chart in the Annual Guide) to be rostered on a Girls 14U Tier II team if the younger players are needed to field that team with a roster size recommended by the ADM or there is no 12U team available in the local geographic area. The exact language is on page 157 of the 2018-19 Annual Guide


Calling All Girls Ages 4-14

Columbus Area Girls

Indianapolis Area Girls

Northern Indiana Girls


2019 Girls District Tournament-

Gilmour Academy- Gates Mills, Ohio


Tier I Rules for Youth and Girls Women (Final 1-15-17)

2017 Tier I Team Calculations- Youth and Girls


Looking for a USAH Sanctioned Tournament




Hello All,

Not all of us have access to a local TV station but with the Olympic Win by the ladies, it is giving a boost for our grass roots efforts.  I think our committee member Kris in Indy did a fabulous job promoting what she does best.

Thanks for everything, you all are doing-Great job. Kris on your interview.  Don’t forget about “learn to play” coming up next week.  Try to use as many older female players and female coaches to assist with the young ladies that attend-makes them feel more secure as you probably already know.

Team USA women’s hockey capturing gold having impact in central Indiana