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2019 Mid Am Disabled Section Newsletter


Do you have an upcoming event to share with the MidAm Disabled District, such as a summer camp or festival? To post on the
Mid Am Disabled Section webpage, email: sledhockey@zoomtown.com

Information for All MidAm Disabled Hockey Programs

For more information about ice hockey for persons who are blind go to:

SafeSport Locker Room Review and Update

SafeSport expectations are in place to protect our children and keep them safe at all times while playing hockey at home and away.

It is the responsibility of each program’s coaches to monitor locker rooms at home and away. The following rules should be followed:

  • Coaches are to be in the locker room when players are, and should be monitoring player behavior, dressing, and parents helping players
  • No one should be alone in the locker room at any time. This includes coaches, parents, players and siblings
  • Parents and volunteers should not be helping children with dressing, toileting or any other direct hands-on assistance unless it is their own child. The only exception is if the parent or volunteer has been successfully screened through MidAm’s screening agency

Screening – Clarification

All coaching staff and volunteers who have routine access to children (under the age of 18) within your association, must be screened. Volunteers include: team managers, locker room supervisors, and administrators.

Screening website: https://www.midamhockeyscreen.com/login.php

Screenings are now on a 2-year cycle. This applies to new screenings and the expiration of 3-year screens.

Once all coach and volunteer screening approvals are received, the registrar will approve the team roster.

Clarification: All coaches and volunteers must submit to the association registrar, their letter from the MidAm screening agency stating that they passed the screening process. Letters stating only that screening has been paid for, or has been completed are NOT acceptable.

Nominations for Disabled Athlete of the Year

USA Hockey’s Annual Congress is a yearly gathering of USA Hockey volunteer leaders, including members of the organization’s board of directions, councils, committees and sections. Each year, the most outstanding contributors and players are recognized. One of the awards is Disabled Athlete of the Year. The individual chosen is flown to the Congress in June and honored at the awards banquet. Created in 2005, this annual award recognizes the outstanding perseverance and dedication by a disabled hockey player through demonstrating the ability to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of excellence both on and off the ice.



Important Links


Sled Hockey basic skills video – USA Hockey has a new Sled Hockey Basics video. This video is over an hour long and includes everything from information about the sled, equipment, basic drills and skills, and off-ice training. This video is available free of charge upon request. To request a copy, please email: DisabledHockey@USAHockey.org

Select Sled Hockey Program – Formerly: Adult Sled Hockey Team

The Select National Sled Hockey League is open to anyone with experience playing sled hockey. To participate, each player MUST (a) commit to participate in all play-off tournament weekends, held in different cities within the MidAm region and southern Michigan; in addition each player commits to attending the National Disability Sports Festival, held in a different location each year, if their team qualifies for the national championships; (b) pay a league fee; (c) participate in fundraising for his/her perspective team; and (d) be responsible for all expenses incurred as an individual player (ex.) travel, food, transportation. For more information: Nick Calabrese at  pumpkinking8815@aol.com (440) 935 – 5935.

Hockey is for everyBODY

Disabled Hockey Programs are supported by USA Hockey across the nation, and are proving that hockey is for everyBody.

These programs are divided into four disciplines: Standing/Amputee, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Sled, and Special Hockey. Go to the Disabled section of USA Hockey to learn more.

For more information regarding opportunities within the MidAm District contact Renee at sledhockey@zoomtown.com