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Facts and Basic Information on Coaching Education

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These coaching requirements have been effective since September 1, 2011. USA Hockey has eliminated the requirement that a coach must obtain a certain coaching certification level to coach a specific age group. Beginning with the 2011-12 season, coaches are simply required to attend one clinic per season and progress one level each year. Once a coach completes Level 4, there is no longer a requirement to attend coaching clinics.

In addition to the requirement to attend one clinic level per season, each coach must complete an online module for the age level they are coaching.


First year Bantam Coach in 2011-12

  • In the fall of 2014 the coach would take Level 1, then complete the online Bantam module
  • If the coach stays at Bantam in 2015-16, the next step would be to complete Level 2
  • If the coach advances to Midgets in 2016-17, the first requirement would be to complete Level 3, then the online Midget module

To see the USA Hockey coaching requirements as they are written in the USA Hockey Annual guide, click here for Coaching Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching


Special Events Clinics in conjunction with the Blue Jackets & Penguins.  All participants will get a ticket to a pre-season game; practice and mini-coaching session open to all coaches.

Level 1,2,3 & 4 Clinics – September 23 & 24 in Columbus, OH

Level 1,2 & 3 Clinics – September 30 in Pittsburgh, PA

Level 4 Clinic – December 30 & 31 Cleveland, OH

Goalie Symposium August 11 – 13 at Kent State