Midam Hockey

Tier I Team Playoff Procedure

Beginning with the 2013 Tier I Mid-American District Championships (2012-13 Season), all interested teams will submit a Mid-Am State / District Championship Application with appropriate commitment fee deposit by the date specified.

Eligibility for National Tournament Play : In order for any team to be eligible for National Tournament play, the Local Association must have been in existence and approved by Mid Am for a minimum of three (3) prior consecutive years. For Tier I District tournament, the top six (6) ranked District teams pursu ant to MHR will be entered into the District Tournament, the winner of which commits to participate in National Tournament Play.

  Minimum Number of Youth National Bound Teams : Any Local Association rostering Y outh Tier I teams must have at least two ( 2) National Bound Youth teams from the 14U, 15 Only, 16U or 18U categories in either the Tier I or Tier II categories.